Client Services

Services for Tenants

During the initial discovery Q & A session, Intrepid work to identify if the current office meets our customers demand as efficiently as possible. Based on this, Intrepid will offer preliminary suggestions on how to proceed. After the recommendation stage, Intrepid remains intimately engaged in every step of the strategic implementation process and beyond. Be it previewing of space, collaboration during architectural meetings, in depth financials analysis, cooperation with tenants’ counsel during lease review or even lease auditing long after a lease has been signed, Intrepid is there providing whatever support required. As a consistent, reliable partner, Intrepid ensures that tenants are equipped to make the best decision for themselves, no matter the situation. At Intrepid, making the deal is just the start of the relationship; we’re not just real estate brokers, we’re your consultant, your advisor, your partner.

Services for Landlords

Ask any landlord Intrepid has represented and they’ll tell you: this relationship isn’t a one-off deal, it’s a marriage based on collaboration and consistent involvement. At Intrepid, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all; every buildings strengths vary as do the goals of their respective owners, and we formulate and execute strategies that are tailor made to those needs.

Intrepid will evaluate the building and the surrounding area, and ascertain any possible applicable target tenant identities. Armed with a building- and owner-specific strategy, we’ll develop a marketing plan specific to each assignment. Once devised we are there to implement every piece of the strategy to perfection. We attend every space showing-regardless of size, we field offers with complete transparency, respond with meticulous precision and negotiate deals in an honorable and honest manner. With Intrepid, you’re getting proper, diligent representation every step of the way.