Meet Intrepid

When it comes to office space, finding the right fit is everything. The best way to ensure a successful decision in placing the right tenant with the right landlord in the right space, is to partner with the best advisors the New York real estate market has to offer.

Intrepid Real Estate Group is an experienced full service real estate brokerage firm that has successfully negotiated more than 2 million square feet in the New York City office market. Staffed with seasoned professionals, Intrepid will be by your side every step of the way, from initial requirement evaluation all the way through lease signing and beyond. Intrepid values client relationships and makes sure to maintain and continue to develop these relationships, even long after all parties have left the signing table.

Intrepidís collaborative approach helps its customer develop strategic plans, addressing both short- and long-term needs, aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Whether your real estate needs are changing due to operational functionality, corporate expansion or contraction, or youíre hoping to get a lease with better terms, Intrepid is there for you as an engaged partner to provide guidance throughout the entire process.